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Prayer University

Welcome to Prayer University! Whatever your discovery level in the power and practice of prayer, the teachings offered are here to help.

PRAYER 101 - Teaches the basic that prayer is more than the necessary daily conversation with God – it is the recognition of His very presence with you in every circumstance. As your prayer life expands, you discover prayer is worship, getting our lives aligned with His will, making us aware of His provision and adding to our personal development.

EMPOWERED THROUGH PRAYER - Go further and deeper than ever in your practice of effective, persistent prayer through Prayer University, with lessons created especially to empower you to pray for America and her leaders during this vital time in the nation’s history.

Written exclusively for you by your prayer team writers, we are pleased to offer this continuing prayer education to you – and look forward to receiving your comments.

A Hero’s Stance

Prayer101Staying focused in the midst of trials

By Linda Gilden

Despite a seemingly insurmountable obstacle, Army Soldier Specialist Kevin Nguyen has never wavered in his desire and commitment to serving his country.

Nguyen’s career in the military began when he was 19. He knew he wanted to serve in the Army. Soon after he finished his basic and advanced individual training, Nguyen and his unit deployed to Afghanistan. After just three months in that country an improvised device exploded leaving Nguyen’s right foot severely injured. When his foot didn’t heal, doctors gave Nguyen a choice: a lifetime of medication, wheelchairs, and crutches or amputation and, with a prosthesis, up on his feet within a few months.

Although a difficult decision, Nguyen opted for the amputation so he could remain active and hopefully continue his dream of serving his country.

“It was the hardest thing I have ever done,” Nguyen said. But determination trumped hard and just moments after he received his prosthetic, Nguyen stood on his own. His military dream was back on track.

Unlike past days when severe injuries and amputations resulted in lives of limited mobility and, at the very least, the end of a military career, today—with the advancement of prosthetic devices—amputee soldiers can sometimes return to active duty.

According to the Army, at least 167 soldiers who have had major amputations have been able to resume their service since the wars began in Afghanistan and Iraq. Some have received criticism, while others have received acclaim. Most, like Nguyen, have had to prove themselves fit and able to return to the front lines of war.

When Nguyen had the opportunity to go to the National Training Center just several months after his amputation he proved his physical proficiency. Not only did he demonstrate his capability to complete every exercise but also he boosted the morale of those around him. He fulfilled the description of a soldier on the U.S. Army website as “the embodiment of physical strength, emotional strength, and strength of purpose.” Not only does Specialist Nguyen satisfy each of these, he also serves as a role model for other soldiers and all Americans.

Brett Parks, Founder and President of Second Shot Ministry and a retired Naval Flight Engineer says, “Spc. Kevin Nguyen represents the true American spirit. A spirit which says it won’t let a tragedy like this keep him down, rather, lift him and others around him up and show them they can reach a greatness they once thought they couldn’t achieve.”

“What many fail to realize is Nguyen isn’t just fighting a physical battle but a spiritual, emotional, and mental battle as well. There is no mountain in Afghanistan or desert in Iraq more challenging than what Kevin is faced with everyday here at home. The fact that Spc. Kevin Nguyen is fighting so hard to get back into action to preserve the freedom that we have been gifted with is more heroic than words can describe. He is the kind of man this great nation was built around and, if more of us strive to be more like Nguyen, this nation will remain great for many years to come.”

“What kind of man lays his life down for his country, gets blown up, loses his foot, but determines himself to get back in line next to his brothers in arms? Only a true hero would attempt this; only true heroes like Kevin Nguyen.”

Continue to pray today:

Linda Gilden is director of writing programs for a popular Christian communication organization. She not only writes full time but also directs two writers conferences, speaks, edits, and enjoys encouraging writers to fulfill their writing dreams. Linda lives with her family in South Carolina.

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